Why does the canon printer show offline in Windows 10 and what do we do When a wireless Canon printer on Windows 10 goes offline, and how do we get it back online.
The printer network, drivers, IP address, Print Spooler, and machine are all probable causes of issues. The first step is to figure out why Windows won’t scan the printer, and then troubleshoot the problems. When a wireless network or router is used to connect a Windows 10 computer and a Canon printer (Wi-Fi). Check the printer on the desktop for a message that says “Offline,” indicating that printing is not possible. Users of Canon printers may encounter the following issues:
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How can I switch my Canon printer from offline to online mode in Windows 10?

1) The original printer switched off.
2) The printer is not linked to Wi-Fi, so click it.
3) PC/printer connectivity is in poor shape.
4) There may be a difficulty with the printer settings if there is a network problem.
5) Canon printer driver is update ding or reinstalled.
The printer and the computer are connected to separate networks for this reason. When the wireless printer goes offline and is not ready for a print job, as before said, there are many possible causes. You must first determine the source of the problem and then reset the printing system. It takes time to check each item one by one, but it is necessary to do so to print.

Fixing My Canon Printer Won’t Print on Windows 10 (Tips & Tricks)

Restarting the printer is the first step.
To begin, turn off and restart the printer. In some circumstances, restarting the printer will solve the problem. Restarting the printer will take some time. If you can’t hear the operating sound when the printer starts up, make sure the Canon printer isn’t connected to your computer.
In Windows 10, how can I fix my Canon printer that isn’t working?
Check the status of the wireless LAN connection if the Canon printer is always offline in Windows 10.
Check the status of your wireless LAN connection.
It’s conceivable that the Canon printer isn’t connected to Wi-Fi if restarting it doesn’t put you online. Check the Wi-Fi lamp on the printer (Wi-Fi mark if there is one).
Steps to fix Canon Pixma troubles

Reboot the router as the third act.

There could be a network problem if the Canon Pixma is down and unable to connect to the network. Restart the router and see whether the printer can connect to Wi-Fi. Remove the router from the network. Turn on the router after waiting at least 10 seconds. Check that your printer is online in Windows 10 after restarting your router. If you can’t get online, consider the following suggestions.
How to reactivate Print Spooler and bring the printer back online
Why is the Canon Printer showing offline in Windows 10?

4th Action: Begin / Restart Spooler for printing

In Windows, turn off the Canon printer. Why is my Canon printer offline, and how do I print on Windows 10? It’s necessary for the Print Spooler service to be active.
Besides, if the Print Spooler service is down, the print function may be unavailable, and the printer may appear to be offline. To start the Print Spooler service, follow the steps below. Even it is already started.it is possible that restarting it will solve the problem.
To begin, right-click on the taskbar and select Task Manager.
The task manager will begin working. From the menu bar, select the Services tab.
To go to the detailed view, click “Details” if the tab isn’t visible.
To open the service management tool in the window, tap on it.
In the list of services that display, look for “Print Spooler.”
Right-click “Print Spooler” and select “Start” printer from the menu.
Click “Restart” if the status is “Running.”
The Print Spooler service will begin its operation (or restart).
What Should You Do?
Disconnecting the VPN connection is the ninth step.
If your computer has a VPN connection, the IP address allocated to it may change, and you may be unable to communicate with the printer . If you’re using a VPN, turn it off and see if the printer connects.
Follow the instructions below to end your VPN connection.
The Wi-Fi taskbar is access by clicking it.
Click “Disconnect” next to the “Connected” VPN.
Finally, if your wireless Canon printer becomes unresponsive in Windows 10 and you are unable to print, check the driver.
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