What is an e-commerce website? “Ecommerce is the new cake; it isn’t the cherry on the top”

Well, I guess everyone has a little bit of knowledge about what is an e-commerce website. But I know if you come to this website, that means you want to know everything related to e-commerce. So let’s start the motive of this blog and we’ll let you know everything related to e-commerce.


What is an e-commerce website?

An e-commerce website consists of various types of products or services. They provide to their target audience. Didn’t you understand this very well? So let me elaborate. An e-commerce marketplace is an online marketplace where goods, services, and digital products. And sold out over the internet rather than in a brick-and-mortar store. A business can offer custom products and services through its e-commerce website. Through processes orders, accept payments, manages shipping and logistics, and provides customer services.


Consumers and businesses can buy and sell on e-commerce websites.

On the same platform as traditional brick-and-mortar stores. The biggest difference between e-commerce and physical commerce. Is e-commerce transactions take place online rather than at a brick-and-mortar location.
After knowing what is an eCommerce website? There are some examples related to that.
There are various types of e-commerce websites that host electronic transactions. That can classify according to the parties involved.


B2B (Business to Business) websites:

These websites deal with business-to-business transactions. Electronic business-to-business transactions ease through B2B platforms. As an example, you might buy T-shirts online from a wholesaler if you own a company that sells T-shirts.
What is E-commerce Website
B2C (Business to Customer):
Transactions are among the most common online transactions. B2C sites let a business and a consumer exchange goods and services. For example, you might buy a T-shirt from your favorite online store.
B2A (Business to Administration):
An organization and a public institution can communicate on a B2A site. Such as a city’s web portal designed by a company that designed the city’s website.
C2B (Costume to Business):
Allows consumers and businesses to trade goods and services. An expert in SEO, for example, could work for companies in a certain field. Or an influencer could hire to promote a company’s products.
C2C (Costume to Costumer):
Marketplaces, also known as C2C sites, allow two or more consumers to exchange goods. Transactions between consumers would conduct online through a third party. For example, Amazon Marketplace, eBay, and Mercari are direct-to-consumer e-commerce.
C2A (Costumer to Administration):
Unlike B2C, these websites allow consumers to provide information. About goods, and services to public administrations. and governmental organizations-think paying a parking ticket on your city’s website.
I hope your doubt about what an eCommerce website is all solved now and you get a satisfactory answer.
In process of knowing what is an eCommerce website. You have to know that every e-commerce website should include a few basic functions. When it comes to selling goods and online services. Having an e-commerce site that accepts orders from your customers is imperative. If you run a business that sells goods.
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