My Canon printer is offline. This question arises in the mind of almost a bunch of people and businesses who are using canon printers either on mac or windows. You did all the hefty research on google but muddled up with the unorganized solutions. A quick fix to your problem is only a few steps away. In this blog, we will discuss 2 options for fixing the canon printer offline issue. This 3-minute read will give you a clear picture of how to change your printer status from offline to online on your own.

How Options to Fix Error on Canon Works

Whenever you spot the popup of “Canon printer showing offline“, get up and follow these easy steps to eliminate this error:



Check if your device is connecting to Wi-Fi, if yes then try reconnecting it first by following these steps:

  • Press and keep holding the printer’s Wi-Fi button until the blinking of the Wi-Fi router’s light starts.
  • Press the “WPS” button of the router, when the blue light on the router keeps on blinking.
  • The light will remain on when the device gets connected.

Whenever My Canon printer is offline , I try this method first to bring the printer online. You can also follow the same.



Many of you might be hearing this word for the first time,

Only remember that it manages the print jobs which we give to the printer.

To restart the printer spooler service you should follow these steps:

  • By shooting the “Windows + R” key, you will see the dialog box “RUN”
  • Now write “service. MSC” and press the enter key
  • A window containing a list of services will open up. Tap on one of the services and hold down the “P” key until you see the printer spooler highlighted.
  • Then select “properties” by right-clicking on the printer spooler
  • You can see the “stop button” under the service status when you click on the “General” tab, click on that and press “OK”
  • The printer spooler service will get turned off. Removing the printer files should be your next focus
  • Open up windows explorer then tap on “C-DRIVE>WINDOWS>SYSTEM32>SPOOL>PRINTERS”
  • Click on continue to give permission
  • Go to the “General” tab again and press “start”
  • Keep the spooler start-up type to “automatic”
  • “Reebok” your computer.

These are the finest solutions to this common question My Canon printer is offline.

Canon printer showing offline

While answering the question of what to do when My Canon printer is offline, I will also add 2 more things so that you will be able to resolve this issue whether you are using Mac or Windows.


Printer error on Mac :

If you are using a mac, you need not worry to resolve your Canon printer error. You only have to go through these points and you’ll find the solution.

  • Tap on the Apple menu
  • Select system preference
  • Select scan and printing in the hardware section
  • Shoot enter on the printer list
  • Press Reset printing system
  • Move to Apple menu>>System preferences>>Scan & print
  • Tap on “+”
  • From the list choose the device to add. Mac will download and install the software. This will turn your printer online.

Canon printer error on Windows 10 :

There are many articles on the internet for fixing the canon printer offline error. These 4 steps are the easiest ones that you can follow to resolve this error on your own.

  • Make sure that the canon software you are using is correct
  • Click on Control panel>>Device manager to set your printer online
  • Tap on the “start” tab and then tap the Troubleshooting tool for system scanning.
  • Click on “Update driver” under the “RUN” tab to update your printer.


In this blog, we have discussed user-friendly options to fix canon printer offline errors by answering most of your questions like:

  1. What to do when My Canon printer is offline?
  2. How to resolve Canon printer offline on mac?
  3. How to resolve Canon printer offline on Windows 10?

To get clarification on more such doubts, connect with us.


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