In this blog, we are going to tell you about Laser Printer vs Inkjet Printer. In this blog, we are going to tell about the different printer and their uses-

Printers are often times useful computer components for printing documents. Photographs and posters and whether you use them for home or office.

In today’s digital world most work is online but sometimes you need something doubtless analog to hold in your hand or give to others, which is to say, most people still need a printer at home. This article means to give an overview of different types of printers.


Inkjet Printer

Since inkjet printers are pocket friendly compared to other types of printers,

They are often used for home and business printers. Inkjet printers are also called simply inkjets because inkjet printers produce high-quality color prints they are also employed by photographers and graphic designers. It is used to print signs, billboards, T-shirts, and other items. Inkjet is the most common type of home printer for a reason, though as they tend to offer a good balance of quality, speed and price.


This printer does not use a nozzle cartridge but instead uses a dry ink cartridge. The operation of a laser printer is similar to that of a photocopier, except the photocopier uses intense light. Laser printers are less common in the home and more common in an office now prices have fallen so it’s not much more than an inkjet printer. Laser printers will give u less hassle with toner than inkjet printers do with ink. And they print faster and produce a better quality result.

Types of Printers


The difference between inkjet printers and laser printers is that inkjet printers need ink to print documents.

While a laser printer uses a laser. If you are a student or running a small business from home and you think you will need to print in colour then an inkjet printer may be the most suitable choice. Because it’s less expensive than a laser printer. Laser printer vs Inkjet Which One’s the better Printer?

We have many expectations from a printer, we expect speed, and colour quality from a printer Much like buying a house or family car, there is so much to think about when making your investment that it can sometimes be difficult to know,

Where to start to make things a little easy buying a cheap inkjet printer over a cheap laser printer will save you some money at least for time being. It’s worth noting that, although toner cartridges are several times more than five than ink cartridges,

You get a lot more out of them. Inkjet printers cost less money upfront printers have higher lifetime values. Laser printers are a safer option for users who might not use their printer for several weeks at a time, Inkjet printers are more convenient for users who need to print on large paper…


1. HP office jet 5255 All in one printer-

This inkjet printer is great for photo printing.

2. HP Envy 5055 All-in-one printer

This inkjet printer can print borderless images at a very high colour resolution.

3 . HP LaserJet pro M102w multifunction printer-

This laser printer is perfect for the office.

4. HP LaserJet Pro multifunction printer-

This laser printer performs a variety of tasks, it can scan copy and print colour images.


If you are looking for the benefits of a laser printer vs an inkjet printer, you should know that there is a lot to consider because it all depends upon you and your needs and choose what your need for a laser or inkjet is. Above I have mentioned different types of laser printer and inkjet printer so according to choice and requirement you can choose. At

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