HP Printer Connected to wi-fi but offline

HP Printer connected to wi-fi but offline is a very common issue founded. While using wireless printers. Unfounded files and wrong adaptions stop the process which is the main cause of the offline problem.


This issue happens when some unwanted files or new adoptions take place.

And there are some reasons behind it.

  • When you are functioning your computer or laptop on Windows 8.
  • The driver that you are using is a managing system, Which starts installing at the points. When the windows identify the device.
  • HP printer connected to wi-fi but offline but Your printer is connected by proving a wireless or wired network.
HP Printer Connected to wifi but offline


1. Set Printer Configurations to Online

The HP Printer is intended to let on users connect it to their internet. After which they can send information and make prints for it wirelessly. However, there is also a feature that concedes you to keep the device in offline mode. This is generally confined by default, but you might have permitted it by accident.

In preference, someone in your home might have replaced these. Whatever the case might be, Knocking out the setting again should allow you to ally your device back to the internet. Start by opening up your computer system.

Verify the Printer and System

Now verify that both your printer and system are linked to the same network. After this, you can continue to open up the control panel. Over Browse it to detect devices and select ‘printers and faxes’ over here.

This allows you to open up the file of devices that you have already connected to your system. Then you can able to select your printer to fetch all the information about it. Scroll down the menu to find diverse features for your device. impair the ‘Use Printer Offline’ tab and save the changes.

You might have to reset the printer after this to assure that there are no more problems with it. Finally, Now you can start using your printer with your internet connection.

2. Install Drivers Again

Frequently the problem can be in the composition files of your drivers. The HP printers have functions that are individually designed for each of the models. People can install the wrong functions in some cases, Rather, there can be a problem with the accession process. The best method to eliminate this issue is by reinstalling the drivers. You can delete the files for your current program from the control panel.

Once you are already done with this process:

Then go to the folder where you download the program and then delete the remaining files that are stored. These files need to be deleted permanently or you might be facing the same error. Now go on to open up the leading website for HP printers.

You can explore the exact model of your device here. This allows the files to all the drivers for onward with any updates that have recently come out. Select the ones for your device and install them into your system. Once the downloading session is complete, reboot your PC to fix the issue.

3. Check Internet Connection

Finally, if the problem occurs then you might analyze the position of your internet connection. Lots of people have reported that the issue was found from their internet instead of the device. This is the reason why you should always analyze. If the speeds for your connection are okay. Check whether it’s working or not. Try using your internet on some other device and see if the internet is showing results.

Check Your Connection:

Then you run a speed test if your connection is working fine. when HP printer is connected to wifi but offline And If you found that the speeds are lacking near your printer. Then there might be an issue with the signals. You can move the printer route and place it to close the wifi. This allows it to get higher quality strength on the signals without any disruption. For those users who cannot able to change the location of the router, they can install a separate device closer to their printer instead. This way the strength of your Network (Wi-Fi) signals will spread all over your home.

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