Acknowledge an e59 canon printer in the time being digital world has become essential. By submitting hardcopies of an e-form to submitting, printers fulfill a range of tasks. So it is creat that we need a printer, but the question enraged down to the certainty which one? The market is loaded up with printer brands, but one brand that is noticed is Canon. The lustrous design, effortlessness of use, and reasonable make it an excellent brand. Even so, with enhanced convention and motion of time, Canon printers may come across the problem. One such issue is the printer error.

If you are faced with this printer error, here the blog is for you. Here we shall talk about what is the error and how to justify it.

What Is E59 Printer Error?

The error code on the E59 Canon printer is a pervasive catch and occurs when there is a disparity between the paper settings of the printer and the securities of the actual paper reality fed into the printer. The good news is that you can resolve this issue with the canon printer by following a few steps.

Why Does Error E59 canon printer Occur On Printer?

As stated above, the primary cause of this issue is when the paper settings fed into the printer do not match the paper set features in the printer. This error can also take place if the firmware is no longer in use or due to some internal issues. Whatever the cause of this error canon printer is, given below are ways to solve it.

How To Fix Printer Error?

The following are the procedure for Windows and Mac OS. Follow the method determined by the operating system of your computer.

E59 Canon Printer

What are the Possible Causes of Canon Printer Error Code E59?

Here are some of the possible causes of an error in a Canon printer. However, if the problem persists and you are unable to resolve it, please contact the printer support team.
If the printer settings and the paper settings are not the same.
If the settings do not match, you will receive an e59 error.

Here are some solutions to the Canon printer error code that you can try.

If you have a Canon printer and it displays the error, you must press the stop button.

The next step is to double-check that the printer settings match the paper settings. If the settings are not the same, double-check the printer settings for paper size and media type.

If the printer and paper settings are correct, click the OK button. The printer should then be restarted.

If your printer still displays an error, reset it to its default settings and make the necessary changes.

Restart the Canon printer if necessary. Simply unplug the Canon printer and wait 3 seconds before plugging it back in. Then connect the Canon printer and turn it on.

If you have tried the steps outlined above and your Canon printer still displays an error, you should contact the printer support team.
In general, the Canon printer error code problem occurs when the printer and paper settings do not match. This causes the error, which must be resolved quickly in order for the printer to function properly. However, in some cases, the problem may not be easily resolved, and you may require assistance from the technical support team. So, contact the Canon support team for assistance and assistance.

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