In 1987, in the United States, John McAfee founded the company at the end of the year. He realized the first version of the Anti-virus software scan.

Antivirus software is a type of software designed and developed that is used to delete the virus from the computer. This application downloads the internet and You install on our device and use it as a protector. It is very useful for the computer and protects our device from viruses attacks. And protects our software, files, and hardware on our devices, so we use it on our computers. And the antivirus software protects the computer and deletes the viruses once detected.

And the status of the antivirus software is typical, as conventional displays in the windows security center.

But it’s installed only once and doing the work process in the background. Protects our device and it is good for any device. , the type of virus for the device is always used and performed very well.

When we have used those types of virus-like Malware, Spyware, and Phishing.  And for the type of antivirus, Who used devices for perfection in devices and software?

There are many antivirus software types versions programs on the market. So we used some of the common types of cyber threats.

Working process of the Antivirus software

The working process of the Antiviruses software. The software begins operating by checking your computer programs. And files against a database of known types of malware. So I asked before the process of cleaning the software and devices.

And considered a virus, and you will quarantine. When it starts our working process of it and some of its scan programs. And files as they enter your device the software scans and compares bits of the codes.

Anti-virus Software

There are many antivirus software types versions programs on the market. So we used some of the common types of cyber threats.


Malwarebytes is a decent tool for Antispyware. And its previous version is in the comparison, Malicious, and malware. That is programs and files that are damaging a computer network. You are that type of anti-malware software with the help of our devices. Always we want to protect our devices. Malware is very useful, because without any type of antiviral agent.

Malware is a good process for the software because without it the software device is damaged. So we are using the Malware security software.  


Most of the programs are anti-malware and anti-spyware protection. But  It is very good and most of the devices are like anti-virus. Sometimes it’s protected without the end user’s information.

This is too good for the devices, and spyware installed on a computing device. And the fastest and most efficient way to remove spyware. A PC is with the specialized ant-spyware removal tool.


Anti-virus software up and can help to keep a PC protected against developing sense. Phishing viruses are used for cybercrime-related, And when the attackers do something wrong in any,

one detail like bank account numbers, credit card details, login credentials, and other types of sensitive data. So we are using anti-phishing, nowadays cybercrime is very popular. And Other types like mobile devices, computers, and some technical devices. They are protecting our devices.

Now social media is a big platform, and so is the use of Phishing. Our most personal data is saved through posts on these social media platforms. So we are protecting all these types of data with the help of Anti-Phishing.

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